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Welcome to Life!

Welcome to WINORA!

Life is always in motion. Therefore 'Life in motion' describes it best for us. A WINORA Bike accompanies you through the diversity and changes of life. It supports you in your daily routine, provides maximum mobility, and keeps you fit. It enriches your leisure time, allows you to discover and experience new things with friends and family.

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Who we are

We build modern bikes for the colorful diversity of life. For people who have recognized the fun and benefits of the most sensible vehicle in the world. We combine design, comfort, reliability, and contemporary, functional technology to create practical, safe bikes that fit into life seamlessly. They are wonderfully easy to ride and intuitive.

Our E-Bikes

Precision Fit

WINORA bikes are available with and without motors, designed for all applications that align with our core expertise. In our versatile range, you'll find bicycles for both children and adults, demanding daily commuters and active leisure cyclists, who seek exercise, relaxation and adventure.


Our bicycles and e-bikes have long been loyal companions that have lasted for generations. They are always there when they are needed and adapt to every situation in life - and have been doing so for over 100 years...

To our History


As a German brand, we have a passion for quality and produce only bikes that run smoothly, are lightweight, and reliable for the long term. We think in terms of concepts and invest heavily in design, safety and practical solutions. Everything must have a clear benefit, be easy to use, and  serve your needs.

"Life shouldn't adapt to the bike - the bike should fit into life!"

Future Requires Responsibility 

As part of the Accell Group, we pursue a sustainable mobility strategy. Our bicycles comply with international safety standards and ISO norms. We regularly test contact points such as saddles and grips for toxins. The Accell Group invests over one million euros annually in health and safety initiatives. Our goal is for over half of our employees to commute together to work or use sustainable means of transportation.

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been awarded multiple times

Bicycles are in our DNA. After all, the founder of WINORA made the first series-ready children's bikes by hand for his two daughters in 1921. Since then, a lot has happened. Our cities and living spaces are constantly changing, technology is constantly advancing - and we always stay up to date - as our awards show

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