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In 1914, our founder built the world's first children's bicycle. Since then, we've been constantly improving. Our newly developed kids bikes offer safe riding fun at any time due to their child-friendly construction made of lightweight and high-quality materials.

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Follow trails and discover worlds

The robust companion for discovering, exploring and experiencing. Made of lightweight materials for longer rides. Perfectly adapted to the physiology of children. For safe fun with every pedal stroke.

Kids on track in the forest

Experience adventures

Get in the saddle and out into the world. Explore until you own the place. With our robust kids bikes, every tour is a breeze.

Create individuality

Creativity and imagination are part of being a child. But don't just design the world the way you like it: grab the crayons and design your own personal bike!

Growing together

Whether it's the way to the playground, to school or to a friend's house. Goals change as you grow. Luckily, our bikes grow with you.

Safe on the road

Our kids bikes have everything it takes for safe riding fun. They help you navigate through the woods, fields and traffic with ease.

Child's play - the top features

Child-friendly frame geometry

Our new frame was developed using current Superfit geometry data. Perfectly adapted to the child's physique, it provides a pleasant riding experience. High-quality materials ensure stability and offer maximum fun.

Multi-directionally adjustable stem

Whether in height or length: our individually adjustable stem grows almost as fast as children. With a few simple steps you can adjust it to the current body size. For an ergonomic and comfortable seating position on every ride.

Optimized crank lengths

Ideally suited to the physical needs of children, our optimised crank lengths offer maximum pedalling comfort. Small pedal distances support intuitive movement and the integrated chain guard keeps clothes clean.

Everything included so that you can start immediately

Our kids bikes are road traffic act-compliant: from the bell to the lights to the stand, everything is included and thus no additional retrofitting for road traffic is required. Just get on and ride. Rear and front light, Z-reflectors, etc. – everything you need comes with the bike from the start. So you can ride directly safe in traffic without any upgrades required.

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