Our History

WINORA: German brand tradition since 1914

In 1914, the cyclist Engelbert Wiener founded E. Wiener GmbH in Schweinfurt. The company specialized in both the manufacturing and distribution of bicycles through individual assembly.

By 1918, the first bicycle wholesale business was established in Schweinfurt and expanded continuously in the following years. In 1956, Bernd Seuffert, the grandson of the company's founder, took over the business. At that time, the company was already producing approximately 6,000 bicycles annually.

In 1963, the first Winora bicycle factory in Schweinfurt was built with an assembly line system. In the early 1980s, another bicycle factory was established to meet the growing demand, which was prompted by the oil crisis and an increasing awareness of health.

A story of innovative strength

More than 100 years ago, our founder Engelbert Wiener recognized that cycling doesn't just captivate adults.

He handcrafted the very first children's bikes for his daughters and embarked on tours with the family. Shortly thereafter, the "Wiener original bike" became WINORA.


Arrived in the present

Our bicycles and E-Bikes have long been faithful companions that endure across generations. They are always there when needed and adapt to every life situation. Whether children want to explore the world on two wheels, whether you're heading to university or work, or whether they're reliable companions for leisure adventures – our bicycles and e-bikes are indispensable. They defy adverse conditions and enable safe and sustainable mobility. They represent a mobility that can be embraced both today and in the future. We are not simply following a trend but, like Engelbert Wiener once did, staying true to our hearts.

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Based in Germany

We are proud to produce bicycles that are designed and developed in Germany. We not only represent high-quality bicycles but also German quality and reliability.

The use of top-tier materials and advanced technologies ensures excellent performance and durability of our bicycles

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Tradition, experience and expertise in bicycle construction are essential components of our history. The result is reliable quality.


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