Winora bikes history

Family history becomes brand reality

A small sensation made WINORA a brand with tradition. Almost 100 years ago, the founder, Engelbert Wiener, not only set up a company and built bicycles. With his actions he laid the foundation for something that is indispensable today.

the first childrens bikes

A history of innovation

In 1921 he built the first bicycles for his daughters Thea and Martha by hand. And why was that so sensational? At that time there were no mass-produced bicycles for children and youngsters. Engelbert Wiener was the first to make this form of mobility accessible to all generations. He wanted others to be able to move around like him and his brother, who had been German track team sprint champions. He wanted to make this unique experience and the feeling of independence, which riding a bicycle gives you, available to others. This little story is at the heart of our brand reality.

Our bikes and e-bikes have long become reliable companions over generations. They are always there when you need them. In every situation. If children want to conquer the world on two wheels, they're there. They are indispensable on the way to university or work and reliable companions for all types of adventure in your free time. They defy any headwind and are a safe and sustainable means of transport. For mobility that can be lived today and tomorrow. We’re not following a trend here, we’re following our heart, just as Engelbert Wiener did.