Warranty and Guarantee

1. Warranty (liability for material defects)

If the product is purchased from a bicycle dealer, the statutory warranty applies. The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase. The following applies here: within 6 months after the purchase, it is assumed that a fault was already present at the time the vehicle was delivered; after 6 months you must demonstrate this in case of doubt.

Warranty claims must always be made to the bicycle dealer from whom you purchased the product, as this is the contractual partner. Warranty claims cannot be made to the manufacturer of the product.

If you have bought the bicycle from a third party (used), the warranty rules agreed between you and the third party apply. If the third party still had claims against the dealer because the 2-year period had not yet expired, they can assign these claims to you.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, force majeure, functional wear and tear or accidental damage. Please refer to the chapter "Safety / Notes on wear" in your operating manual. Colour changes to the bicycle's paint due to sunlight are also excluded.

2. Guarantee

In addition to the statutory warranty, we currently give a voluntary guarantee when purchasing a bicycle from a WINORA dealer

  • of 5 years from the date of purchase on the frame. In this case our terms of guarantee apply, which you will find in chapter 16 of the operating instructions.

  • Please also note any manufacturer guarantees that may exist for individual components. If such a guarantee is given, you will find the necessary papers in the vehicle documents. 

For all warranty and guarantee situations the following applies:

  • All claims must be made to the WINORA dealer from whom the bicycle was purchased.

  • The voluntary manufacturer's guarantee on the frame ends with the resale of the bicycle and therefore only applies to the first purchaser.

  • The maintenance work prescribed in the operating instructions must have been carried out and confirmed.

  • The bicycle must be used in accordance with the Winora-Group Original operating instructions. This is not the case if, for example, a standard frame is used as a dirt bike, if modifications and fixtures are made to the bicycle, or if the bicycle is overstressed, for example by exceeding the maximum permissible weight of the bicycle indicated on the type plate of the vehicle.

  • The guarantee is also excluded if the bicycle is used for commercial purposes. 

  • The guarantee does not apply to the purchase of bicycles that are not fully assembled. 

  • The frame guarantee covers the frame of the bicycle.
    If the frame can no longer be used due to material or production defects, it will be replaced by an identical or equivalent frame via Winora Group. In this case, you are not entitled to retain the colour or decoration. If, due to technical modifications, previously used components can no longer be used (with the exception of the motor and battery for pedelecs), the costs of procuring new components are not covered by the guarantee and must be borne by the customer. This also applies to assembly and transport costs incurred as a result of the replacement.
    If no suitable frame is available any more, Winora Group reserves the right to credit the affected bicycle, taking into account the mileage and the general condition (deduction for use). The amount of the deduction is determined after an internal check at our premises.

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