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WINORA trekking bikes are smooth-running, sporty all-rounders that can comfortably handle long distances. And when the tarmac stops, the fun just continues on trails. Shopping, luggage or a child seat? Of course, we have catered for the additional load.

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Simply ride off and explore new places

There is no better way to switch off than with a journey of discovery through nature. Even if it's only for a few hours.Simply ride off and explore new places. There is no better way to switch off than with a journey of discovery through nature. Even if it's only for a few hours.

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Winora 2023 Yucatan X10 Black

Yukatan Bikes

The Yucatan is the agile companion for anyone who wants to enjoy being active. Anyone who wants to discover fun and adventure will find a durable and reliable partner for on- and off-road activities in this sporty, dynamic trekking bike.

Our Yucatan Bikes

Yakun Bikes

For all those who demand a high level of comfort and efficiency, but don't want to do without the right feeling. Our premium E-SUV is at home both in the city and off-road. The permissible total weight of up to 150 kg, an extra-large battery and exciting features such as the Modular Rail System make the Yakun a reliable companion.

Our Yakun Bikes
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Life is discovery

Get on your bike and out of town. Move in fresh air and clear your head. Even better in pairs or a group!

Life is on the road

Riding a bike is all about variety, new impressions and healthy exercise. You quickly leave your routine and worries behind. Bet it works for you too!

Life is nature

Get some peace and quiet and feel the elements again. Enjoy nature and leave your cares behind you. It couldn't be simpler: your Winora bike will take you there.

Life is adventure

It doesn't always have to be a long-distance ride. Even your neighbourhood offers the perfect opportunity for you to go on a little adventure. Grab the essentials and start your micro-adventure.


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