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We love urban life. We create the necessary mobility and complement to cars and public transport. And of course with electric assistance to let you ride the vibe of the city or to escape it at any time.

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We facilitate and enhance mobility on a daily basis

For all stages of life, for all age groups. Life should not have to adapt to your bike – it should be your bike that changes to match your lifestyle!

Win22 - eFlitzer high darkslategrey

WINORA E-Flitzer

Light, fast and with maximum fun factor. This is how we define the new commute. Our Light Assist Bike combines exactly these characteristics. The lightweight drive from MAHLE SmartBike Systems with rear hub provides the right support and makes you smile even during rush hour.

Our E-Flitzer Bikes
Winora 24 Radius Grey Blue bike


Simple but well thought out. Stylish and functional. Here comes our mini speedster for that go-kart feeling in the city, maximizing your range of movement and minimizing the space you need. With many smart features such as the Modular Rail System, rotating handlebars, the integrated carrying handle and the Speedlifter, you can redefine your urban world.

Our Radius
FUB 2W Bike


Our e-cargo bikes offer a new feeling of comfort and quality of life. There is room for mom or dad and two to four kids. The child-friendly handling, safe and StVZO-compliant equipment and environmentally friendly materials redefine everyday family life. The kids love it too!

Our e-cargo bikes
iRide Pure R5f Mid Red Velvet matt rose

WINORA iRide Pure

The iRide Pure is characterized by a pure riding experience and a clear, elegant design without unnecessary gimmicks. Whether you are an everyday cyclist or an occasional rider, the new E-Light commuting bike offers a high level of riding comfort, easy handling and smooth, safe riding. The compact Bosch Performance SX motor system and a removable 400 Wh battery ensure a natural riding experience.

Our iRide Pure Bikes
Urban Life in Motion Videothumb

Life is new work

Independent, flexible. We'll get you to the places where you can work best.

Life is playful

Time for friends, time to play. And where you are meeting? Reached with ease.

Life is passion

Our passion is bicycles. And they move people who make more out of their lives.

Life is friends

Friends and good times. We'll get you together.


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