Winora donates e-bikes to youth traffic school

For more safety on our roads: WINORA donates 12 bicycles for children to the Schweinfurt Youth Traffic School

Schweinfurt, 07.01.2019

Every year numerous children and young people attend the Youth Traffic School in Schweinfurt. This success story was made possible by close cooperation between the police, the road safety organisation Verkehrswacht, schools and municipalities. WINORA is also committed to more mobility and safety on our roads and is now donating 12 children's bicycles and 12 XLC helmets worth over 5,000 euros to the Schweinfurt City Youth Traffic School.

"For decades our WINORA bicycles for children and youngsters have been the first step to their first small and great adventures. So it is of great importance to us to support the Schweinfurt Youth Traffic School, which prepares our youngest road users for responsible participation in road traffic," emphasises Laura Christ, WINORA Brand Manager.

"Here children can learn to turn properly and recognise traffic signs, but also to drive with foresight and consideration. To do so, they need more than a suitable environment for practising, they also need the right “tools” they can rely on. With these new bicycles from WINORA and helmets from XLC we can offer participants the use of reliable and safe equipment” says Klaus Rösch, Chief Inspector of Police, with a smile.

In the new model year WINORA is launching a completely new collection with adapted frame geometry and child-friendly components on the market. The Sennfeld brand placed greater emphasis during development on functionality and lightweight construction - at a fair price.