person looking out, with winora bike next to him

For more mobility in cities: WINORA sponsors the e-bike

Schweinfurt, 21.09.2019

Bikes and e-bikes are taking over in town - and for very good reasons. For the Social Ministry Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. (SkF) Schweinfurt, these reasons are obvious: helping people quickly and easily while protecting the environment. Winora-Staiger GmbH is also committed to more sustainable mobility and donated an e-bike of the WINORA brand to the SkF in cooperation with Schauer - Der Radmarkt. The Schweinfurt dealer is offering post-sales service, warranty and maintenance for the e-bike.

Laura Christ, Brand Manager WINORA (right), and Ulrich Fenn, Store Manager Radmarkt Schauer (from left), hand over a Winora Sima N7 to Rita Stephan, Managing Director, and Inge Weigand, Deputy Managing Director of the SkF.

Helping quickly and easily without having to search for a parking space

Inge Weigand, deputy Managing Director of the SkF, explains: “Working in the sector of legally required care and acting as guardians and trustees, we need to maintain close contact with the people we look after. Many live in their own homes. Because of their infirmities, many of them are unable to come to our outreach clinic. That is why our staff need to go to them.” Managing Director Rita Stephan is pleased that administrative procedures and errands can be completed quickly and without a long search for a parking space and that the SkF can also make a contribution to environmental protection through e-mobility.

Laura Christ, WINORA Brand Manager, explains: "Our cities must become greener and more liveable. To achieve this, we need mobility that is autonomous, safe and clean. But we also need solutions that go far beyond two wheels, a saddle and a frame. We need committed associations such as the Social Ministry of Catholic Women who live e-mobility on the streets and in everyday life and who stand up for families and people in need."

The Social Ministry of Catholic Women (SkF) is a specialist association for women of the Catholic Church which has been committed to helping children, young people, women and their families from across Germany in difficult circumstances for more than 100 years. The SkF Schweinfurt was founded in 1953 by dedicated women and celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.