Winora brand manager Laura Christ at a bike event

WINORA selected as one of the most coveted brands

Schweinfurt, 19.07.2018

The bicycle manufacture WINORA, located in Lower Franconia in Germany, was recently selected as one of the most coveted brands in Germany. A total of 2,400 German brands from a wide range of sectors were tested. Two brands were selected in the category bicycle manufacturer: WINORA and Ghost, which both belong to the Dutch Accell Group.

"A brand that is committed and moves people"

Since the beginning of the year, Laura Christ, brand manager at WINORA-Staiger GmbH, has been responsible for building up, honing and positioning the WINORA brand: "We are delighted about this award for Winora because we see ourselves as a brand that seeks dialogue. A brand that is committed and moves people. But we don’t see ourselves as a standard bicycle manufacturer, but rather as a mobility hub. Clear, participatory and forthright for sustainable mobility for all.

The study

In the study around 32 million mentions of the best known German brands from digital media and social media between 1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018 were analysed for:

  • Brand strength: The brand was analysed from three aspects: price, service and quality. These are the basic preconditions for consumers to become aware of a brand.
  • Brand awareness: This aspect comprises the three categories need, emotionality and trust. Through these the brand creates a willingness to pay and long-term customer loyalty. The two dimensions together form the total value for "Germany's most coveted brands".

Data evaluation

The data to analyse the brands were collected in two stages: In the first stage all texts containing the search terms are downloaded from the internet and stored in a database. The data are then analysed according to the specifics of the respective object of analysis. The award "Germany's most coveted brands" is awarded on the basis of the points awarded in the overall ranking. Points are calculated in according to sector on a scale of 0 to 100 points. An award is given to brands that score at least 75 points in the overall evaluation and were mentioned at least 20 times in the data collection period.