E-Bikes for Women

Women's e-bikes for every everyday situation

WINORA e-bikes accompany open-minded, active people through the variety and changes in their lives. They support you in everyday life, are practical and keep you fit. E-bikes not only enrich your leisure time, but also allow you to discover new things and experience more with friends and family.

E-bike variety: from trekking to city bikes

Women's electric bikes from 26 to 28 inches

We design the right bike in all sizes for all stages of life and age groups. Simple operation and handling as well as safety paired with an innovative design, WINORA e-bikes are designed to make your daily life easier. Whether it's the weekly shop in town or a short trip with friends - simply put: sit on it, ride off and smile.

MRS Woman on Sinus Bike right Direction
Urban LP - lady on working desk

Popular E-Bikes

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