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We love urban life. We create the necessary mobility and complement to cars and public transport. And of course with electric assistance to let you ride the vibe of the city or to escape it at any time.








E-Flitzer (e-bike)

Introducing the E-Flitzer, a sporty bike for anyone wanting to be fast, light and have maximum fun in the urban jungle. The Light Assist Bike for daytime, night-time and any weather.

More urban bikes



… Coming soon

We are expanding the diversity of our Urban Mobility range. Soon we will be launching a tremendously wieldy E-Compact bike, which will be quickly followed by practical E-Cargo solutions. You can read up on all the details and background information in our newsletter before anyone else.



We facilitate and
enhance mobility on a
daily basis, for all stages
of life, for all age groups.
Life should not have to
adapt to your bike –
it should be your bike that
changes to match your lifestyle!

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Life in Motion






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Life is new work

independent, flexible. We'll get you to the places where you can work best.

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Life is playful

time for friends, time to play. And where you are meeting? Reached with ease.



Life is passion

our passion is bicycles. And they move people who make more out of their lives.

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Life is friends

friends and good times. We'll get you together.