For the sake of diversity

We fuse design, comfort and reliability
and combine that with contemporary,
functional technology to create
practical, safe bikes that suit your life.

We understand life

We facilitate and improve mobility
every day. We design bikes
to provide all age groups with
plenty of flexibility for all phases
of life. Because your life should
not adapt to the bike – the bike
should adapt to your life!


Winora bikes are designed to accompany you through your dynamic lives. They support you in your everyday life. They’re practical and keep you fit. It enriches your free time, lets you discover new hings with friends and family and experience more of the world.


Well thought out

We think conceptually and invest a lot in design, safety and practical solutions. Everything must possess a clear benefit. It must be easy to use and serve your needs. In addition, we pay great attention to price-performance.


Life in motion: your life, your way, your bike. Four categories where you can quickly and easily find what you're looking for and need:

Life is particularly diverse in the city. Universities, businesses, cultures, children, shopping, night life. We provide you with the necessary mobility and even replace cars and public transport. There are compact bikes that are small and manoeuvrable, commuter bikes that are fast and agile, and cargo bikes with extra storage space – with electric motors of course. They make you more independent, more flexible and save you time in urban traffic.

Urban Mobility


Comfort is not just convenience. For us, comfort stands for a sophisticated overall package. Comfort makes cycling easier, more pleasant and safer, and emphasises riding pleasure. Intuitive operation, healthy riding positions, useful features and efficient, easy riding. In other words: sit on it, ride off, smile.

Where to today? To work, with friends, to the countryside for an adventure? Winora trekking bikes are robust, sporty all-rounders that can easily handle long distances. And when the asphalt stops, the fun just continues on dirt roads. Shopping, luggage or a kids seat? We designed them to handle your payload.


Kids | Youth

We built the very first kids bikes and know exactly what kids need and want at different ages. And we know how they treat their bikes. With all that in mind, our bikes are designed to be robust and durable. All Winora bikes from 20“ comply with the StVZO traffic regulations.