winora wins prizes with its bikes

Our Awards & Prizes

Biking is in our DNA. After all, the founder of WINORA made the first production-ready children's bikes by hand in 1921 for his two daughters. Since then, a lot has happened. Our cities and environment are in constant change, the technology continues to progress and the bike as a means of transportation does not stop. But there are also things that never change for us. We build bikes and e-bikes that have a long tradition and have always stood for quality and absolute safety. Of course, we pack all of this into modern designs that start with children's bikes to high-quality e-bikes for people of all ages. Our actions are repeatedly confirmed with renowned awards and prizes, which drive us to reinvent the wheel again and again in the future.



Winora Staiger Bikes

“The WINORA Sinus Tria 10 is a lot of fun on long rides and will enthuse dedicated commuters and weekend trekkers alike.”

WINORA Sinus Tria 10 - Rated 'Excellent' by Elektrorad
Winora touring bikes with panniers bikes in the woods
“The Domingo 30 Disc is a fast touring bike with relaxation guaranteed and a good price-performance ratio.”

WINORA Domingo 30 Disc - Rated 'Excellent' by Radfahren

Test ratings

“With the new Bosch Active-Plus drive, this bike also rides smoothly without motor support. The edgy monotube frame with Intube battery is an optical masterpiece and practicable at the same thing."
Test: 'Excellent' (Focus E-Bike Spezial) - WINORA Sinus iN8


“The WINORA Sinus iN8 is a city bike that is comfortable to ride, with well-balanced handling characteristics and good components. Recommended for beginners, commuters and cyclists on short and day trips."
Test: 'Good' (ElektroRad) - WINORA Sinus iN8


“If you see the Yucatan on the street corner, it won’t necessarily make the heart of the bike enthusiast miss a beat. Its shape, mounted parts and design give it a rather modest appearance. But, you can't always judge a bike by its frame. Just like the Golf with a V6 engine, the Yucatan hides its talents within."
Test: 'Excellent' (Radtouren) - WINORA Yucatan 20


“If you value comfort, a powerful motor and numerous gear speeds, then the carefully designed Yakun Tour is the right trekking bike for you.”
Test: 'Excellent' with overall mark 1.5 (Elektrorad) - WINORA Yakun


“Biking fun is guaranteed with the WINORA Sinus Tria. Agility and a stable frame make it a reliable partner in the city.”
Test: Recommended and rated 'Excellent' with overall mark 1.5 (Elektrorad) - WINORA Sinus Tria


“The designers of the WINORA Yakun Tour have shown great attention to detail not only in the unusual shape of the frame but also in the high-grade paint finish. The Yakun also has intrinsic values: the powerful motor brings its power perfectly into play uphill to give direct and even support, to offer long-lasting power. The Yakun Tour wheels sail smoothly over road and cycle track, offering a very high level of comfort thanks to its good shock-absorbing parts. With this all-round successful model, the WINORA Yakun Tour comes close to 800 points and is a deserving winner of the trekking test.”
Test: Recommended and Test winner 'Excellent' (Elektrobike) - WINORA Yakun


“WINORA is a prime example of a sturdy, but well-designed e-bike for everyday rides in town with the Sinus Tria N8.”
Test: Recommended and rated 'Excellent' (Elektrobike) - WINORA Sinus Tria N8