Winora Bikes

Company bike leasing: JobRad and WINORA go mobile

Perhaps we can’t redesign towns, move mountains or bring the nearest park to your front door. But we can make you more mobile! Quickly cycle over to your favourite snack bar in your lunch break, to the next park to simply unwind, or take a ride through the countryside after work. Together with JobRad, we can offer you an eco-friendly, low-cost solution.
Companies and their employees can use our bikes and e-bikes on attractive terms via the company leasing scheme from JobRad. It’s easy to use, eco-friendly and keeps costs low.

How it works

Employees choose a bike or e-bike according to their preferences. The employer leases the bike from JobRad and gives the employee full use of the bike. In return, the employer retains a small amount from the gross salary of the employee which covers the payments. With an advantageous tax rate, you will enjoy significant savings compared to purchasing.

Ask your employer if they’re already part of the JobRad community.