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Test & profit with WINORA:

Experience the ultimate riding pleasure with WINORA: Test one of our versatile bikes at a selected rental company in Germany until 16.09.24 and receive a €100 cashback coupon for the purchase of your WINORA bike, which you can then redeem until 15.12.24!
Whether you are looking for an e-bike for everyday use or a sporty leisure or multi-day tour bike, WINORA offers you the perfect companion for your adventures. Get on, ride off and discover the world.
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Participating bike rental companies:

  1. Borkumer Kleinbahn, 26757 Borkum

  2. Sanders Höft, 26571 Juist

  3. Rad Toni, 26548 Norderney

  4. Kranich-Fahrradverleih, 26548 Norderney

  5. Fahrrad Klattenberg, 26427 Neuharlingersiel

  6. Beach Cruiser, 26316 VarelInsel Sylt

  7. Tourismus-Service GmbH, 25980Sylt/Westerland

  8. Mafa Sport GmbH, 25946 Wittdün auf Amrum

  9. E Bike Center, 25821 Bredstedt

  10. Schleiräder, 24376 Kappeln

  11. 2Rad Fehmarn, 23769 Fehmarn

  12. AVG-Grömitz GmbH & Co. KG, 23743 Grömitz

  13. 2Rad Sellin, 18586 Sellin

  14. Fahrrad Kruggel, 17454 Zinnowitz

  15. tours, film & coffee GmbH, 10119 Berlin

How do I receive my cashback?

Step 1

You can rent and test your dream bike from a selected rental company until 16.09.2024. After the test you will receive a coupon that you can use for your WINORA bike purchase.

Step 2

Choose your desired bike with a value of at least €1,500 during the campaign period until 15.12.2024. After the purchase, simply submit your purchase receipt. Don't forget to enter the cashback code from the coupon you received from one of our bike rental companies.

Step 3

As soon as your registration has been confirmed, you can look forward to your €100 cashback! The transfer will be made approximately 4 to 6 weeks after confirmation.Then it's time: Get on the road with your brand new bike and have lots of fun!

WINORA trekking bikes

Smooth-running, sporty all-rounders that can easily cover long distances. And when the asphalt stops, the fun simply continues on unpaved paths.Shopping, luggage or a child seat? We have of course included the load capacity.

Trekking Bikes

WINORA comfort bikes

At WINORA, comfort doesn't just stand for convenience, but also for a well thought-out overall package. Intuitive operation, a healthy riding position and useful features make cycling easier, more pleasant and safer. For pure riding pleasure in everyday life and leisure.

Comfort Bikes
iRide Pure R5f Mid Red Velvet matt rose

WINORA urban & lifestyle bikes

We love the city. We create the necessary mobility and supplement to cars and public transport. And, of course, with electric support to flow with the flow of the city or escape it at any time.

Lifestyle Bikes

*The cashback amount of 100€/CHF will be paid out at the earliest four to six weeks after confirmed registration. Cashback will only be refunded for promotional bikes with an invoice value of 1,500€/CHF or more that are purchased from dealers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy during the promotional period from 01.07.24 to 15.12.24 and successfully registered via the online form www.winora.event-cashback.com . Returning/exchanging the promotional bike excludes participation in the promotion. For more information, see the conditions of participation www.winora.event-cashback.com .

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