WINORA Cashback Promotion 2023

Get 600€ cashback on your WINORA F.U.B. now!

Make your life easier - with a F.U.B. from Winora:

Our E-Cargo Bike for the whole family. No matter if children, our four-legged friends, the weekly shopping or the presents for the next children's birthday.

The F.U.B. offers enough storage space and a lot of accessories like rain tent, child seats or Maxi-Cosi holder, which make it a practical all-rounder. Equipped for every occasion and every weather condition, it offers families the perfect alternative or everyday addition to the car.
To make it easier for you to switch to a bike for your daily errands, we are promoting cargo culture in cities with a cashback promotion from
September 29, 2023 to November 24, 2023

How do you get your cashback?

It's easy: Register after your purchase, you just have to enter the following data:

  1. first and last name
  2. address
  3. e-mail address
  4. dealer
  5. bike model
  6. frame number
  7. purchase date
  8. invoice
  9. your account data

The registration will be processed after submitting, and you will receive a confirmation by mail after the purchase data is correct. Please also check your spam folder for receipt of this. The cashback in the amount of 600€ will be paid to the specified account 30 days after the purchase at the earliest. Further questions can be answered in our FAQ.

Get 600€ cashback on your WINORA F.U.B. now!

from September 29, 2023 to November 24, 2023

Your F.U.B. for all situations

The bike is your reliable companion that gets you and your valuable cargo safely to your destination. The experiences you and your passengers have with the F.U.B. bike turns into precious memories that last forever!

The WINORA dealer network

Over 700 European WINORA dealers form our strong network, so that you have a competent contact person in your region. Use our dealer search tool to find the right Partner, Expert or Champion dealer near you for advice, purchase and service.