The new Winora e-cargo bike – It carries more

Goodbye SUV Hello F.U.B.! Ditch the car and hop on our family utility bike. The reality of life is that, you have to transport many things from A to B. Our F.U.B. e-cargo bike is your best friend. Groceries for an entire week, music equipment or toys that can't be left behind: it's so easy!

F.U.B. 2W

Permitted total weight: 200 kg

Seats: 2 + Maxi-Cosi™



The smart two-wheeled e-cargo bike with a permitted total weight of 200 kg offers space and plenty of comfort for two children in addition to mum or dad.
F.U.B. 3W

Permitted total weight: 250 kg

Seats: 4



Comfort is key! This is the motto of the WINORA F.U.B. 3W. Our three-wheeled family utility bike with electric drive transports a total weight of up to 250 kg and provides space for mum or dad and up to four kids.

The Winora F.U.B. is designed to get your precious cargo to your destination – be it the zoo, the beach, or a birthday party transforming you and your family's experiences into cherished memories.

The WINORA dealer network

Over 700 European WINORA dealers form our strong network, so that you have a competent contact person in your region. Use our dealer search tool to find the right Partner, Expert or Champion dealer near you for advice, purchase and service.

Accessories for your e-cargo bike

Increase the functionality of your Winora F.U.B. with one, or more, of our practical accessories. For example, a rain canopy to keep the kids and other cargo nice and dry. Our range of accessories also includes the rail attachment to securely fasten cargo to the bottom of the cargo box, or the Maxi-Cosi™ carrier, so that you can also travel comfortably and safely with mini passengers.

All relevant information about F.U.B. accessories and availability of the F.U.B 3W can be found in this PDF.




Plenty of e-power to play courier all day

Shuttling the entire family and their belongings is a pleasure with our F.U.B. e-cargo bike, thanks to the Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line drive unit. The bike comfortably cruises at 25 km/h, without causing you to lose your breath or cool. Add a second battery (Bosch PowerPack 500Wh) and you're all set for longer trips, or days filled with endless errands.




Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line, 85Nm

Box made from sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly hard foam

Electric assist up to 25 km/h

Powerful 500W battery, with optional second unit.