Life in Motion



Comfortable riding pleasure

At Winora, comfort means not only convenience but also a well crafted complete package. Intuitive operation, a healthy riding position, a smooth ride and useful features make cycling easier, more pleasant and safer. For sheer riding pleasure in your everyday life and free time. Or as we say: hop on, ride off and smile.





We facilitate and
enhance mobility on a
daily basis, for all stages
of life, for all age groups.
Life should not have to
adapt to your bike –
it should be your bike that
changes to match your lifestyle!

Comfort 2
Comfort 3






Life in Motion






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Life is freedom 

Just focus on the things that give you pleasure. Winora comfort bikes guide you through a varied day with ease and flexibility.

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Comfort 6



Life is celebration 

Meet friends somewhere else and celebrate spontaneously – there is always a reason, after all. Your practical Winora comfort bike gets you and your picnic basket to the party in the park quickly and comfortably.



Life is best friends

There is nothing like having fun with best friends. Whatever you're up to, your Winora comfort bike is your convenient, practical and safe companion wherever you're going.

Comfort 7
Comfort 8



Life is variety 
Your easy-to-ride Winora comfort bike adds flexibility and variety to your life. No matter where you go, Winora will get you there.